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Set Design Intern

Washington Metropolitan Area, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

We are looking to onboard a 3-6 month intern to grow in the skill of set design for portrait session staging while getting to know the team and brand. The internship is paid and includes the opportunity to transition into a permanent employee at the end of the term.

Typical responsibilities include:

- Producing plans, mock-ups, and models of sets
- Getting estimates of set costs
- Managing design budgets
- Planning around venue/space restrictions
- Set-up and break-down of set
- Coordinating with photography/video teams for vision

During the internship, candidates will partake in trainings to enhance their design skills and take on projects that include set-up for portraits, product shoots, and the like. Providing props and decor set-ups that align with desired vision. Interns will be trained during live sessions to get comfortable with the team and craft. Design opportunities will include branding sessions (service and retail) and portraits (mini sessions, special occasions, and birthdays). Candidates will be required to attend team meetings to learn about the brand and it's vision, contribute to business workflows, and be given the opportunity to join the team as an official design lead.

$15-25 Hourly Salary based on job readiness


General Requirements

  • Desire to build with a team

  • Must have interest in visual arts and/or design study

  • Must be willing to learn

  • Must enjoy connections with people

  • Ability to bring creative ideas for various shooting styles

  • Ability to pay attention to detail to identify design possibilities

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision

  • Ability to create sets in ways that reflect the scenes a given vision is to tell

  • Desire to grow and build with a team

  • Flexible Availability

  • Availability for team meetings and trainings

  • Must be mobile (or be able to get around)


Key Qualities

  • Organized

  • Personable

  • Reliable

  • Quick Learner

  • Team Player

  • Self-motivating

  • Attention to details


About the Company

Cookie Captures is a multi-media company that works to bridge gaps between people, memories, vision, and creativity. We stand on values of intentionality, care, and connection and work to provide meaningful media for those we serve.

We are looking for team members who add to our values and have their own values to grow, partake in continuous learning, live on purpose, serve others in ways that are worth it, and can enjoy making life with the team they serve with.

We are fun, creative, professional, and unafraid to live in ways that align with with why we are made. We desire to have a team that desires this and can help our clients do the same.

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