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Personal Headshots

Individuals in need of personal use headshots.

Personal Headshots

Starting at $125


Headshots sessions can be in studio or at a set location. Photographer works with the client to gain vision and plan a session that meets goals set. These sessions are mainly to capture professional headshot angles:

  • Head/face only

  • Shoulders and up

  • Quarter body

For more looks please inquiry about our general portrait or branding sessions.


We have 3 session types.

  1. Mini Session | $125

  2. General Session | $200

Duration and number of photos depends on type selected, but will fall in the following range.

Duration: 15-30min

Photos: 4-15 edited

In general, all images that pass our lighting, clarity, and setting tests will get basic retouching to enhance the subject and photograph's natural attributes.

Typical Uses

This service may fit you if any of the following apply:

  • You want to update your LinkedIn or Professional Profile Photos

  • Your Job needs a headshot from you for specific use

  • You just want a simple session for a portrait update

  • You don't care to be in front of the lens for an extended period of time

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