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Team Headshots

Professional groups of 2 or more.

Team Headshots

Starting at $200

Quantity Based


We have 3 packages. Priced by a $50 flat rate + per person general or creative look.

General: solid background, single setting, one frame

Creative: multiple settings or frames

  1. Associate: 2-4 teammembers | $50 + $75/125pp

  2. Mid-level: 5-10 teammembers | $50 + $60/100pp

  3. Executive: 5-10 teammembers | $50 + $50/80pp

Per person rate is dependent on the look desired (general/creative) and size of team.

Duration: 45min -4hrs (depends on size of team)

Photos: 3-5 per person edited

In general, all images that pass our lighting, clarity, and setting tests will get basic retouching to enhance the subject and photograph's natural attributes. We aim to capture a few angles and portrait orientations.

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