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Business Products

Starting at $250


Business Product sessions can be at the client's workspace or in studio. On location product sessions are only available if a specific set/brand look can not be achieved in studio or workspace. Service areas include:

  • Product Photography

  • Fashion Retail

  • Real Estate

  • Construction Sites

  • Food Photography

Photographer takes time to learn about client's brand and product then works strategically with the client to map out a set-up that meets the mood, style, and target audience of the brand. Product sessions are very particular when it comes to aligning mission and include various portrait styles that can be used in online stores, in marketing, on print, and other related use areas.

What's Included

Sessions generally are between 1-4 hours.

They include as many photos as there were products photographed.

Basic retouching to enhance the subject and photograph's natural attributes.

Creative input to add effects that enhance the product look and mood

Final price quote is based on number of products and session requirements.

Add-ons can be added at additional rates that include (but are not limited to):

  • Web Design Services

  • Online Store Updates

  • Video Services


Packages can be extended to our "Booming Business" subscription that includes seasonal sessions at a discounted contracted rate to keep the client's portfolio fresh and up-to-date. Add-ons to this can also include online store and web service updates and video services.

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