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General Portraits

Starting at $175


General Portrait sessions can be in studio or at a set location. Photographer works with the client to gain vision and plan a session that meets goals set. Our team will plan the logistics of location and look together so you don't have to.

What's Included

Sessions generally are between 30-90min.

They include 15-40 lightly retouched images on delivery. In general, all images that pass our lighting, clarity, and setting tests will get basic retouching to enhance the subject and photograph's natural attributes.

Final price quote is based on time and session requirements.

Add-ons can be added at additional rates that include (but are not limited to):

  • Professional Outfit Styling Services

  • Professional Make-Up Services

  • Professional Hair Services

  • Customized Studio Set-ups

  • Professional Prints

  • Advanced Editing (facial feature enhancement, removing unwanted tattoos, slimming, etc.)

Session Types

  • Engagement

  • Individual/Lifestyle

  • General Groups (not family or brands)

  • Newborn

  • Birthday (can bundle with graduation event celebration coverage)

  • Graduation (can bundle with graduation event celebration coverage)

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