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Web Design



Web Design services are for those who wan to revamp an existing website or create a new website from scratch. We specialize in creating sites for:

  • Online stores

  • Service businesses

  • Diverse brand individuals

Quotes are based on whether we are making updates to something that already exists or building something from scratch.

  1. Updates on existing: For those who have a site skeleton and want to update or revamp it. We work to align design with your the way you have grown and the way you want things to be represented moving forward. Taking time to learn your vision, target audience, industry, areas you need help in, and create ease of use, we build a desired design for your site after visioneering sessions that finalize needs and overall vision. The price for this service is $300-500 and is determined by hours and time needed to complete your project.

  2. Build from Scratch: For those who are starting from scratch. We have visioneering sessions to understand your desires, learn your brand, and determine specific needs for completion. Designs are customized and created based on your target audience, mood, styles, product/service offerings, color schemes, etc. The price for this service starts at $500 and is determined by hours and time needed to complete your project.

Additional payments will be needed to buy domains, subscribe to website host services, purchase domain email addresses, and any paid web design plug-ins that will be needed to meet the functions of your site. Other optional add-ons can include

  • Branding/Business Portrait Session

  • Professional Graphic Design Services (logos and brand image creations)

  • Recurring Maintenance and Updates

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